Takebayashi Trading Co., Ltd.

Message from president

President Kenichi Kiyota

Our major business has been electronic components as the specialist with more than 65 years of experience. New business, health foods including supplements, wellness foods, and baby foods has added recently. Homepage renewal is required to be more precise about our business.

Our mission to create the highly value-added service to support customers will not be changed in both electronic components and health foods business. Total satisfaction from customers is our goal by connecting customers and reliable manufactures.

Our components and health foods business should be developed further by keeping our philosophy mentioned below in our each of our staff.

  • Pursue sincere and reliable management

  • Create highly value-added services between important customers and reliable suppliers

  • Build heart-to-heart and sincere human relationship and trust

  • Utilize and maximize information technology to develop business

  • Maintain and keep developing healthy financial position

November 1, 2018
Kenichi Kiyota