Takebayashi Trading Co., Ltd.

If you seek opportunities to develop health supplement,
wellness and baby products business
in Hong Kong and China…Takebayashi will support you with our own expertise.


Under the circumstances that Japan domestic market for health supplements and food is getting saturated, Hong Kong and China are big potential markets in the future. However, It is not easy to develop oversea markets even if products are good and attractive.

We will support your challenge to Hong Kong and China market by developing local sales channels, establishment and recognition of your brand without complicated export procedures.

Strength of Takebayashi wellness and baby product division

We are developing and expanding health supplements, wellness food, and baby products business in Hong Kong and China together with GIL Asia Limited who is a very reliable partner. We are aiming at maximizing the degree of satisfaction not only for customers but also for suppliers.

Strength of Takebayashi wellness and baby product division

  • Strength No.1 Existence of the most reliable partner “GIL Asia Limited”

    It is difficult to find a reliable partner in Hong Kong and China from scratch. We already have the most reliable partner.

    About GIL Asia
  • Strength No.2 Consistency and Flexibility

    To maximize customer’s and supplier’s satisfaction, we will be consistent and flexible. Consistency to achieve the goal is to service customers and suppliers from the beginning to the end. Flexibility is to adjust our services to fit into customer’s requirements and supplier’s conditions.

    Our consistent and flexible services are proposal and promotion of your products, order processing, stock and expiry date management, delivery, export procedures, and payment control.

  • Strength No.3 Accumulated Accomplishment

    Our accumulated accomplishment, expertise and services are proven by our customers in Asian, North American, European, and Oceanian countries.

    We are confident to provide our services especially for suppliers who have concerns on the development of Hong Kong and China market, on the payment collection, on the price drop.