Takebayashi Trading Co., Ltd.

Strength of Takebayashi

We have been strived to achieve the goal “to provide high value added service to our customers” since the establishment in 1951 in a sincere and reliable manner. We are proud of ourselves that we have been able to survive for about 70 years as a result of continuous reliability obtained from customers as well as suppliers.

The gap always exists between customers and manufacturers. Customers want to buy as cheap and fast as possible. On the other hand, manufacturers want to sell as high as possible and need to some time to produce. Closing the gap is our job by providing high value added services.

Strength of Takebayashi

  • Strength No.1 「Reliability from customers and manufacturers」

    We have accumulated know-how to give merits to both customers and manufacturers who stand in a different position. Reliability from customers and manufacturers is our valuable assets.

  • Strength No.2 「Flexibility」

    We try to be quick and flexible, which big companies cannot do. We are small: but, it makes us to be quick and flexible. Pricing, order processing, delivery control, inventory control, advance order, advance payment, problem solution, etc can be flexibly adjusted to customer’s requests and manufacturer’s conditions.

  • Strength No.3 「Accumulated Accomplishment」

    Our accumulated accomplishment, expertise and services are proven by our customers in Asian, North American, European, and Oceanian countries.

  • Strength No.4 「Healthy Financial Position」

    We have no experience that we could not collect payment from customers. We also have never delayed our payment to our suppliers. This fact is also the proof that we have a reliability from customers and suppliers.